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January 2017 EDC Bag Showdown – Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack vs. UTG 24/7 Cross Body Sling Pack

I’ve been really tweaking my EDC lately, and I just added this Kore Essentials gun belt and Alien Gear Holster for my Shield that you see below. Now, it’s time to update my EDC Bag! This addition has really prompted me to also update my EDC/Get Home Bag. I’ve been using a Maxpedition Jumbo L.E.O. Versipack. It’s a great pack, but it’s a little small for everything I’m starting to carry, and I’ve decided to carry on body, all the time, so this pack sits right where my gun does. Something’s got to give!

Shield in Alien Gear Holster and Kore Essential Gun Belt

My New Bag

Enter the UTG Ambi 24/7 Cross Body Shoulder Vital Sling Pack( This is going to be my new EDC bag, and I think it should work much better for me.

UTG 24/7 Ambi Sling Pack - EDC Bag

First, I’ve been keeping my Glock 43 inside the bag, and then putting the holster on after I was at work, or wherever I was going. The problem was that sometimes I’d get lazy, and just leave the gun in my bag. While it was close, sometimes it wasn’t completely accessible. I’ll be wearing this new bag on my right shoulder, to leave my 4-5 o’clock position, where I carry, completely open.

Next, I use a Surface 4 Pro for work that I always carry back and forth every day. I have been having to carry it separately from by bag, and that’s just not convenient, especially if I have something extra to carry. A bag is supposed to make things easier, not complicate them.

Maxpedition LEO Jumbo Versipack - EDC Bag

Last, my Versipack was just getting a little too small. I think it’s a perfect EDC bag, but because I’m doubling mine as a Get Home bag as well, I’m carrying a lot more than I would if I left a separate bag in my car. Especially since I’ve added a toboggan and heavy gloves for winter. There are also some more items I’d like to add, like snack food, a water filter, and some other odds and ends, but I can’t because I’ve just physically ran out of space.

Be Sure to Check Out the Video to see a full comparison of these and decide which EDC Bag you’d pick

As you can see from the video, there’s just a ton more space in the UTG bag. Not to mention, it has 2 perfect locations for my Surface. The only thing I couldn’t get back into the UTG bag was the 18 oz. Stainless cup you saw in the video. So, this round goes to the UTG bag. Keep your eyes out for an update shortly after I’ve had real world experience with it.

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